I teach classes at all levels of higher education including engineering, master and doctoral studies. I am also a lecturer for foreign students within the International Studies and Erasmus+ programme at AGH UST. I was the supervisor of over 100 engineering and master thesis, and I also promoted three PhD.

My idea is to show how to see different issues in a balanced way and how to recognize the truth. Capturing the truth is a key issue in our modern reality, full of false news.

You can find the full list of classes I teach at the official Syllabus of the AGH UST. The most important classes are listed below.

Bachelor studies

Terrain transformation and protection I

We define the concept of land transformation, especially as a result of human activity in the crust of the Earth. We introduce a number of possible reasons for the transformation of the terrain that we encounter nowadays. How can we manage areas that have undergone transformations in the past or are being transformed today? Perhaps this is too complex a question. We begin by documenting the transformations of the terrain, their characteristics such as extent, extreme values, and the importance of time in the transformation of the terrain. This introduction only includes lectures and provides an opportunity for discussion.

Terrain transformation and protection II

The course discusses the methods of land displacement and deformation monitoring in transformed terrains, the possibilities of interpreting its results and the knowledge that will form the basis for the expansion of competences. By learning the nature of the observed phenomena, we can build mathematical models that allow us to make predictions. A student who used to be an engineer surveyor becomes an expert who knows what and how to observe and predict threats. These competencies enable to participate in the design of preventive measures as well as in the risk analysis of the expected threats.

master studies

Introduction to rock mechanics

The course covers the basics of classical mechanics with rock mechanics. We deal with the impact of time on physical processes, the problems of surface deformation in the tunnel area and issues related to slope stability.

Application of mathematics

The course involves the application of mathematics to problems that arise in various areas related to mining. Students are taught the basics of Artificial Intelligence, various data interpolation methods and hierarchical multicriteria approaches.


Methodology of scientific research

Classes are of a seminar nature and consist of the introduction of elements of a lecture, a joint discussion of issues, summarized in an independent essay. The concept of science, the idea of scientific research, the research cycle and the planning of research based on the elements of project management are the subject of discussion and consideration. The main objective is to discuss the PhD project.

Writing of scientific papers

Publishing is the final stage of scientific research. Where and how to publish our research results? What are the ethical rules of publishing? We talk about these issues in the workshops. These include also elements of the scientific publication, where to begin, what cannot be omitted and how to correspond with the editor of the journal. The classes contain elements of the independent editorial work of the students.

Bachelor and Master thesis

The full list of Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis can be found on the website of the Faculty of Mining and Environmental Engineering of AGH UST.

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